Graphic Design Work

A Murder Mystery Concept

“Temptation” is a poster I created for an Interactive Design course using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I was asked to create a poster on anything I wished to showcase my knowledge of the principles of visual design. 

Because of my connection to the dramatic arts and past performance in a murder mystery, I chose a fictional murder mystery as my subject. After several iterations, this design was ruled to be the best, performing very well in critiques.

Graduation Brochure Cover

As a high school senior design student, I was asked to create the cover page for the brochure handed out at the graduation ceremony for my class. I based my cover size on previous years’ presets and, using Sketch, built a number of different concepts that were presented to school administration.


I received feedback from school administration on my iterations, eventually landing on this version. It was unique and successful in communicating its message, standing out among the designs of previous years while clearly communicating the school’s message.

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