Caterpillar Projects

Integration &
Recruitment Campaign

In the beginning of 2021, the Williamsfield STEM Team was tasked by Caterpillar with building a way to recruit the next generation of heavy equipment operators. As solution design lead, I created both the Student Integration and Recruitment Campaign and a job matching social platform to stimulate the growth of the new generation while retaining the skills of the past. 

For the Student Integration and Recruitment Campaign, I designed a three-step plan:

Step 1:

In the Student VR Recruitment phase, sales representatives and equipment operators employed by Caterpillar would travel to schools on a regular basis, presenting students with a virtual reality experience where they act as a heavy equipment operator in a fantastical setting. During these presentations, representatives would encourage the importance of heavy equipment operators, advertising for the events in the second phase.

Step 2:
Local VR
and Remote Events

In the Local VR and Remote Events phase, competitive, cooperative, and educational events would be held at local Caterpillar facilities. These regularly held events would educate those who attend about the construction field, granting them opportunities for career specialization and pathways throughout the experience.

Step 3: Certification and Connections

The Certification and Connections phase would happen after students’ completion of their specialized pathway. Upon completion, they would receive a certificate proving their training that would be a useful tool in continuing their path towards becoming heavy equipment operators. Throughout the program, students will be making connections, finding employers, and being set on the path towards becoming the next generation of operators.

As leader of the STEM team, I presented this solution to Caterpillar along with some of my team members. The Integration and Recruitment Campaign received praise from our mentors at Caterpillar, and met all of the tenets of the challenge our team was given.

This website prototype was built alongside the Student Integration and Recruitment Campaign to smooth out the transition from the campaign into the working world. This site is a concept for a job-matching social platform directed towards heavy equipment operators.

The simplistic, yet professional outline of the site mirrors the Caterpillar style and is befitting of a platform that would be run by their company. The concept fills the gap in the Integration and Recruitment campaign well, allowing younger operators to not only find jobs more quickly and efficiently, but to receive advice and mentorship from the older generation.


Inquisitor was an application prototype I made in response to another Caterpillar challenge, which asked me to improve productivity and efficiency on construction sites. The result was Inquisitor, a jobsite productivity tracking application designed to increase jobsite efficiency by working with RFID technology.

I built the screens and prototype using Sketch, working with advisors from Caterpillar throughout the entire process. The first iteration of the application, the “Construction Pal,” was very simple, and, while on the right track, did not cater to all users. A pivot was made midway through the design process, changing the name of the project to “Inquisitor” and making separate interfaces for each level of user, providing succinct information catered to the position of the user.

The final prototype was very well received and praised by my advisors and other executives at Caterpillar upon my product pitch. It fit the challenge qualifications very well, and could be of great use in the field if properly developed.

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